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Who We Are

Tiffany Straughter-Sturgis


As a married mother of three, I understand the importance of a positive role model in the lives of young women. I was fortunate to have a mother who inspired me to be my best. Growing up, my mother was a shining example of hard work and discipline.  I watched as my mom persevered and triumphed over many challenges. Today, many young women do not have the same example that I had growing up. I am a firm believer that my life experiences, both the good and the bad, and the challenges I have gone through do two things. The first is that they have given me grit, making me stronger. The second is that they can be used to help someone else grow and learn from my mistakes. This is what drives my desire to pay it forward, positively influencing the lives of young women today.

Tracy Smith

Co-Chair & Financial Advisor

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and sister most importantly a woman of God. I grew up on the Westside of Detroit. Linwood/Davison and Tireman/Livernois. Looking back on my childhood it was eclectic, tough at times yet with privilege. Many years later my heart was broken into pieces when tragedy struck, I lost a child and my faith was tested to the max! Depression, anxiety, then suicidal thoughts set in, and I was in a dark place. My constant was conversations with Christ. My present-day life is full; I love what I do and enjoy giving back to my community. I have a loving husband, great kids, crazy friends, and supportive awesome sisters! I am blessed to have them in my life, every day I am thankful and grateful.


Toyia Straughter

Treasurer & Mentor

I sit here writing this brief introduction with the hopes of encouraging you to always keep Jesus Christ first and make good decisions. Seek God in all you do and allow Him to direct your paths. He created you with a purpose and plan regardless to what the world and modern-day culture says. I continued with my education goals, and at 44 years old; I have a master’s degree in Nursing, and I started a YouTube ministry called Aligned with Christ where we live out loud for Jesus. Know you can do all things with and through Jesus. Regardless of your upbringing and the family you were born into, God is good! Trust Him.


Timiko Grays

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Venetia Halliburton

Board Secretary

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Jennifer Hawkins

Site Designer & Virtual Mentor

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