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Who We Are

Tiffany Straughter-Sturgis


As a married mother of three, I understand the importance of a positive role model in the lives of young women. I was fortunate to have a mother who inspired me to be my best. Growing up, my mother was a shining example of hard work and discipline.  I watched as my mom persevered and triumphed over many challenges. Today, many young women do not have the same example that I had growing up. I am a firm believer that my life experiences, both the good and the bad, and the challenges I have gone through do two things. The first is that they have given me grit, making me stronger. The second is that they can be used to help someone else grow and learn from my mistakes. This is what drives my desire to pay it forward, positively influencing the lives of young women today.

Tracy Smith

Co-Chair & Financial Advisor

I am a native Detroiter who is passionate about God, family, and financial literacy. I believe that seeking God’s will and leading with good intentions is the best way to live. I also believe that we should never tell ourselves anything is too late to learn, grow in, or change. Growing up, my mother taught me the importance of giving back and helping others. I love giving back to my community. In my life, helping others become financially literate is where I find the most joy. In my seven years as a Certified Financial Coach, I recognize now more than ever, the need for financial education. I am grateful for the opportunity to provide young women with these necessary and invaluable life skills. 


Toyia Straughter

Treasurer & Mentor

As a nurse practitioner, I am privileged with a career that allows me to live out my passion for health and wellness every day. Although I now enjoy an amazingly rewarding career, my journey here was not an easy one. As a young adult, I faced many challenges and did not always make the best decisions. I desire to be the kind of mentor that I never had. I believe that life is all about choices, and those choices make up the lives we live in the future. As a mentor, I desire to show young women how they can learn from all their choices, using those life lessons to catapult them into a better future.  I want young women to learn from my example, as I not only speak it, but I have lived it. I want them to see that I did not allow my past to define my future, and neither should they. The opportunity for success is always present despite the challenges we face. Sometimes mentors help us see those opportunities and guide us when we need it the most. I am excited about the privilege of being able to give back in this way.  


Timiko Grays


The person I admire most is my mother. She “mentored” me in several ways. I am grateful for the ways she spoke into my life as a young woman. Her work ethic still inspires me to be my best. She taught me to be reliable and to be a person of my word. The best piece of advice that was given to me was that it does not matter what you do, but what matters is that you do it well. This is my belief when it comes to the mentoring of young women as well. My life experiences contain valuable lessons that I am eager to share while guiding young women in mentorship. 

TimikoSOCIAL .jpg

Venetia Halliburton

Board Secretary

I am a married mother of three children and one fur baby!  As a first-generation college graduate, I never had a mentor growing up. Looking back, I believe it would have been a valuable benefit to me. Mentors can play an important role in helping young people develop and realize their full potential. Mentors can also be resources, helping young people navigate important life decisions. Young women are especially in need of this type of guidance. I speak to my children about the importance of education and see the value in encouraging other young women in the same ways. I believe that success begins in the mind, and you must envision yourself as successful before you can become successful. I love to encourage others. This is why I believe in the mission of For My Sister and support the efforts this organization is making to effect positive change in the lives of young women in our community.  

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